Locksmith Near Me: How to Find A Good One?

locksmith near me

No one thinks of the importance of a locksmith until trouble strikes. There are many reasons that can drive you to look for locksmith services. Some of the reasons include:being locked out of your house or locking your car keys in the car. If you find yourself in this type of a predicament, the first thing you ask your self is who is the best locksmith near by?

While you may find many locksmith companies advertising their services in your local telephone book, you should note that not all companies are located in your local area. According to the nation’s consumer protection agency, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), most of the locksmiths will advertise their telephone numbers on different telephone books even when they are not located near you.

What to do when “locksmith near me” turns out to be located miles away

It’s very frustrating when you call a locksmith company and they tell you that they will take hours to reach where you are—it’s even more frustrating when you need the problem solved immediately. Other than waiting for hours for locksmith services, there are other problems associated with locksmiths.

The company may send you a person who barely knows what needs to be done in order to fix your problems. In some instances, the sent representative may arrive without the necessary locksmith tools which results to more time wastage. In addition to this, the locksmith may give you a smaller quote on phone then after doing his work, give you a different figure and insist that the work that needed to be done was way too much than expected. To save yourself the agony of going through these problems, it’s paramount that you choose a good locksmith.

locksmith near me


How to pick as good locksmith near me

It’s always recommended that you thoroughly research a given locksmith before you hire them. Best places to do the research are on the internet and by asking friends to refer you to good locksmiths. Although, researching will help you in getting the best locksmith, you may not have enough time to research for a locksmith especially when you are in an emergency. For example, if you have locked your car keys in your car or if you have locked yourself out of the house.

Whether you need a locksmith immediately or you have ample time to do your research, the Federal Trade commission provides the following tips that will help you getting the best locksmith.

  • If you find yourself in a problem, you should first call your friends or relatives. Instead of calling the next locksmith company that pops into your head, you should first call any of your friends or relatives and ask them if they can refer you to a reputable locksmith company that they know of.
  • If you find yourself locked out of your car and you have roadside assistance service, you should call for their help. Roadside assistance services are services usually offered by insurance companies or by the car seller. Roadside assistance service providers usually have a list of companies that are pre-approved to offer the services. Before the companies are approved to offer the services, they go through thorough vetting to ensure that the hired company is the best for the job. Approved companies offer services such as jump-starting batteries, unlocking cars, delivering gasoline, changing flat tires and car towing.

If you constantly find yourself in need of locksmith services, it wouldn’t hurt to enroll for a locksmith class. If you don’t have money to enroll for a physical class, the good side is that there are many free online resources where you can find very resourceful information. An example of a top notch free resource is one found here. After the training, all you need to do is to purchase a locksmith kit and you will be good to go.

  • If you have some time to spare, you should ask yourself, how can I find phone numbers of a locksmith near you? You can look for the numbers on the phonebook, internet, or from a directory. In addition to the phone numbers, you should also check the address given and verify that the address belongs to the said company. This is because some disreputable companies pick other company’s addresses and pose as theirs. You can verify if the address belongs to the company by using sites that allow you to match the phone number of the company with the address. If you find that the two are not matching, you should stay away from such a company.
  • Although, many reputable companies will have phone numbers and addresses that are matching, this should not the only factor that you should look for. There are many reputable and skillful companies with top class locksmith kit but they offer mobile locksmith services or they operate from home. People running these types of companies will most likely fail to put their company’s addresses on the internet or on the phone directory. If you find a phone number belonging to a local company but it does not have an address, you should call the owner of the company and enquire why they have not listed their address.
  • Although, you may find a company that seems reputable, you should be wary of how they speak on the phone. For example, if you call a company and they respond as “locksmith services” instead of using the specific name of the company, you should be wary of this. This is because there are people who will pose as a real company and yet there are there to rip you off. When you call a company and they respond using a generic phrase, you should demand to know the legal name of the company. If the person on the phone gives you the name of the company, you should do a quick search on the internet and confirm that the company’s name, phone number and address match. If you demand for the legal name of the company and the person on the phone refuses to give you, you should leave that locksmith and call another.
  • After you have found a “locksmith” who sounds professional, you should explain your location and your problem. After you have explained what you need done, you should request for a quote for all the work and for any replacements that need to be done. Most experienced locksmiths will have no problem with giving you an estimate right away. When getting the estimate, you should ask if there are additional costs that you need to incur. This is because some companies will charge for responding to your call at odd hours of the night. Also, some of the companies will charge you mileage costs. Before you give the company a go ahead to send a representative, you should agree on the amount that you will pay.
  • After you have agreed on the cost and the locksmith has arrived to where you are, before the locksmith can commence the work, you should confirm that you are dealing with the right person. You should first check if the locksmith has a box that must be carrying the locksmith tools needed for the work. You should also ask the locksmith to give you his identification card. You should confirm that the card has the company’s logo and name. You should also ensure that the face on the card resembles that of the locksmith you are speaking with. In addition to the business card, you should also request for the locksmith’s license. Although, not every state requires locksmiths to be registered for them to operate, if you are in a state that requires locksmiths to be registered, you should request for the license.
  • Another thing you should require to know is if the company is insured. It’s good to deal with a “locksmith” who is insured so that in case of damage to your property, the insurance company will compensate you. Before the locksmith commences the work, you should ask them to take a look at the work that needs to be done and confirm if they have the necessary locksmith kit to do the work. If the locksmith takes a look at the work and charges you a figure that is different from the one that you had agreed on the phone, you should not let him proceed with the work. Also, if the locksmith requires you to sign a blank form authorizing him to commence working, you should refuse to sign the form. This is because some cunning locksmiths will ask you to sign the form and if they damage your property, they say that you had authorized them to work on the property.
  • A good locksmith will work professionally. For example, a professional locksmith will come with the necessary locksmith tools that will enable him to work fast. A good locksmith will also ask you to identify yourself so that he can confirm that you are the person who had called the office earlier. Also, the locksmith will arrive with a car that is clearly marked with the company’s name and logo. In case you have locked yourself out of the car or house and the locksmith comes and says that the door needs to be drilled, you need to be very cautious. This is because most professional and experienced locksmiths will have all the necessary locksmith key codes that will enable them to open almost any door without drilling it.
  • After the locksmith has completed his work, you should request for an invoice. The invoice should bear the company’s name and logo. Also, the invoice should clearly show the description and costs of every service rendered. For example, the invoice should clearly show the costs of labor, replacements, mileage, and any other costs that you may need to cover.
  • If you liked the services of the“locksmith near you”, you should save the phone number of the company and if possible, you should also save the phone number of the locksmith who rendered the service.

You should follow the above tips when you are in an emergency and you need a locksmith fast. If you are not in an emergency, you should do thorough research of a locksmith. This calls for you to visit the local consumer protection agency, local business, and attorney general’s office to check if the locksmith has any complains on file. The research is done in order to ensure that you fully understand how the locksmith company works. This is because it would be dangerous to give access to the locks for your car, business or home to someone your barely know. Thorough research is mandatory whether you want to use the locksmith once or for the long haul.

Problem resolution

Since problems are part of life, you should be prepared for them. If you have any problems with a locksmith, you should first try to resolve the problem with the locksmith company. The problem can be damage of your property during service delivery or maybe the locksmith used the wrong locksmith tools and delivered substandard work and you would like them to work on the problem again. Regardless of the problem that you may be having, try to resolve it with the company representatives first. If you have a complaint against the company, you should pass the complaint to the company as soon as possible. This is because some companies fail to respond to complains that are beyond a given time flame. For example, some companies will fail to respond to complains that are made three months after the service was rendered.

If you pass your complain to the company within the given time flame and the company doesn’t resolve the issue, you can contact your local consumer protection agency. The agency representatives will advice you on the measures to take in order to have the issue resolved. Other than contacting your local consumer protection agency, you can also file a complaint with the office of the attorney general and with the federal trade commission.

Parting shot

The importance of a locksmith cannot be overemphasized. Although, locksmiths are of paramount importance in life, you should ensure that you hire the right one. As rule of thumb, the locksmith must be professional and have the necessary locksmith tools. Even if you need a locksmith is an emergency, it’s imperative that you do research for a locksmith near by so that you can pick the right one. If you are not in an emergency, you should take your time and do thorough research about the locksmith. By doing this, you will find a locksmith who is professional, with the right locksmith kit, trustworthy, fulfills your needs and hopefully goes beyond your expectations. If you find a locksmith company with all these qualities, you should safely keep their contact information. Doing this will save you plenty of time and trouble of searching for new locksmiths the next time you require their services.

Locksmithing Basic Video

I suggest to everybody to learn some locksmithing basics from these videos series so that if someone locked in car or home then you know how to recover from this problem easily.

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